So what happens to your waste when its collected?

  1. One of our collection vehicles will take your waste to one of our trusted local waste transfer stations where it will be processed.
  2. Your waste will be manually sorted and larger items recovered ready for recycling.
  3. All of your smaller items will be loaded onto a belt to go through a trommel and picking line. When your waste goes through the trommel at the start of the recycling process this will remove all the soil.
  4. Your waste will then head into a manual picking shed where the smaller bits of waste will be removed and separated.
  5. It will then continue it journey through a air blower which will remove all the light waste including paper.
  6. It will then go under a over-band magnet which will remove all the ferrous metals that are left.#
  7. Finally at the end of the line will be hardcore/bricks/concrete all ready to be crushed into a sub base for building.

Now your waste is separated into different materials it will be transported for recycling.